Tuesday Tuneage

Been in a mega programming haze at work since New Year’s. Trying to do whole new analysis with a dataset I’d never worked with for a deadline next week. Taking longer than expected. Might be a few late nights coming.

There are two things that keep me going when I have to sink myself into lines of code for hours and hours at a time: coffee and tunes. The tunes might even be more important than the caffeine. This week it’s been mostly bassy ambient-ish shoe-gazey dubstep-lite type stuff. Swarms. Star Slinger. Bonobo. Stuff like that. But usually there comes a point in the afternoon (oooo, around 3pm when my body is angling for a nap), when I need something upbeat, light, and maybe a bit silly to perk me up. This song has fit the bill most days the last two weeks.

I don’t really care for the original. But the remix? Cute, goofy, ridiculous, catchy. Almost makes me want to scour the thrift stores for my own velvet Elvis. Almost.

Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis ( Crystal Fighters Remix)


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