DIYODS Tuna Sandwich Awesomeness

So the last week or so, I’ve had this craving for a tuna sandwich. A really GOOD tuna sandwich. These things are hard to find, in my experience. In commercial tuna sandwiches, there’s almost always WAY too much mayo and the bread is soggy, and there’s no complexity of flavour. Or texture. I like some CRUNCH in my tuna sandwiches! So I decided I would have to DIY my sandwich. Or DIYODS (Do-It-Your-Own-Damn-Self).

Started with two cans of tuna (the kind canned in vegetable broth), added some celery, red onion, capers, apples and pickles… made some mayo (I’d never made it before. SO easy.)

Chopped up some cabbage and grated some purple carrots (thanks Mom). Made a simple mayo/rice vinegar dressing for the slaw. Toasted up some rye bread, spooned on some tuna mixture, and then topped it off with Old Dutch Original chips. Yup. Potato chips on a sandwich. Which is really what makes this sandwich AWESOME.

Served up with a few extra pickles on the side, and washed down with a London Fog (using homemade vanilla syrup.. SO easy).

Craving SATISFIED. And hey, I have my lunch for tomorrow. Now if only my PhD was so easy.


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