Walkman retired!

I just read that Sony has officially retired the Walkman and has ceased their production in Japan. Somehow I was surprised that the trusty cassette player (in all its incarnations) was still being produced at all…

Here‘s one of the many stories that appeared about the announcement.

I never had the sporty yellow Walkman that EVERYBODY ELSE had back in the mid-90s… I couldn’t afford one of my own until halfway through university; I bought a slate grey version with digital FM radio (whoooeee!). I don’t know where all my mix tapes ended up, but I can tell you that I listened to way too much Dave Matthews on that thing (I was 18 and a romantic at heart… now I’m, well, 30 and a tad more cynical).

I then graduated to a Discman (it actually was a Sony). Which I loved because I could burn MP3 CDs and fit like 10 albums on one disc.

A few years later (2004-ish?) I bought myself the biggest brick of an MP3 player that has ever graced this planet: the Creative Zen Xtra. 40GB. Almost the size of my original Walkman. But with my entire music collection on it.  Which was great for a while until I realized I wanted something nice and small that I could take to the gym (back when I regularly WENT to a gym). So I got myself a little Creative Zen Micro. Which I loved until the battery door  fell off. I’m hard on my electronics, what can I say.

Then, two years ago, after a lot of jealous oogling, I finally joined iPod Nation with my purchase of a cute seafoam green 3rd generation Nano, which I still use daily and love. But of course, y’all know how it is with Apple products… you can’t buy just one… so now I have a MacBook… and an iPhone… and I’ll probably soon have an iMac…

That’s 12 years of portable music technology in my life… I wonder how I’ll be getting my daily tune fix in 30 more years? (And if I’ll still have a soft spot for Dave Matthews when I’m in a wistful mood… is it still wistful when you’re 60 or just nostalgic?). Subcutaneous implants that wirelessly sync with your computer and connect to some kind of cordless earbuds? Or still some form of small device with an earphone jack like today?


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