Hockey Season Begins!!

In my house, there is one day of the year that is more eagerly anticipated than any other. More than birthdays. More than Christmas. More than the first day of t-shirt weather. That day is the beginning of the Canucks’ regular season. That day is today.

And, in what is surely dangerous optimism for a Vancouver fan, it seems that, after years of building (notably the continued development of the Sedin twins, more goaltending stability than we’ve had in a long while, and some off-season trades to firm up the defense), the Canucks have to be considered to be likely contenders for the Stanley Cup this year.

My husband has been practically crawling out of his skin with anticipation since the beginning of September. We’ve reconnected the satellite, dusted off our (understated) ginormous TV screen, and we’re READY.

As for me, my knitting needles are all set for my hockey season challenge: Nathan has very kindly requested that I knit him a Canucks sweater. Now, I know all about the Sweater Curse, but I already have the ring, and none of the proposed mechanisms of the sweater curse apply (read the Wikipedia article), so I think I’m good to go. Got my sample yarn to make a swatch, sketched out my pattern…  I’m ready to start the hands-on planning phase as I watch tonight’s game (I still need to pick the right needle size, estimate how much yarn I’ll need, and chart out the logo on the front and the lettering on the back).

So today’s contribution to the box is the Canucks Season Preview that appeared in Thursday’s Vancouver Sun. The Stanley sign (for those of you not from Vancouver), is the marquee of the Stanley Theatre in Granville (a Vancouver institution in it’s own right that was brought back to life about 10 years ago). And “Great Expecations”? No pressure, boys.



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