And so it begins…

Yesterday I turned 30…and to celebrate, I decided to start a new project. A time capsule! Because I never made one as a kid. And because I know that our memories (individual and collective) are so fleeting that how we remember 2010 will surely be distorted by the future years that we are about to experience.

The idea for this project came to me when I was flipping through the September 1981 issue of Hustler in a random bathroom that I found myself in. It was amusing to flip through the soft porn, laugh at the hairstyles, and note that in 1981 women in these kinds of magazines looked a lot more like normal women than in today’s publications… BUT what I was most fascinated by were the ads! Brands that no longer exist, technology that is now laughably obsolete, catchphrases and buzzwords that seem quaint because they have fallen out of use. I kinda wish I’d stolen that magazine so I could share all this with you, but I figured that would make me a bad guest, especially since I was already doing a fine job of downing wine and snacks.

So I thought that it might be fun to put together a time capsule to document what life is like in the first year of my thirties. My plan is to curate a collection of items into a big Rubbermaid, post photos of each item, and also collate some lists of things that I encounter:

– books I read

– music that gets played on endless repeat on my headphones

– whatever else I think might be interesting or funny to look back on in the future

On my 31st birthday, I’ll pack everything up, seal the container, and then leave it unopened until September 11, 2040, which will be my 60th!

Along the way, I would love suggestions or comments about additions to the box!


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